Big Game Hunting in Quebec

Hunting in Quebec, I can say it is a great privilege that many locals do enjoy. Quebec is known to be located at the Northwest of Canada. The city has a large land mass with big rear games that are great and fit for hunting. Before anyone ever thinks of hunting in this town’s exciting nature, it is essential he or she gets the necessary license and permissions to do so. Foreigners or non-Quebec residents who intend to hunt in Quebec should do proper consultations before embarking on any kind of hunt – Canadian government can be tough with their wild game reserves and rules. Now this will take us to the types of big games that are mostly hunted in Quebec. As hunting has increasingly grown stronger, so as the laws guiding hunting and hunting lands also have grown tougher as some hunters do not pay attention to information and warning signs. To be legally allowed to hunt in Quebec, you must be familiar with the act that respects conservation and development of wildlife – “Quebec Ministry of Wildlife Resources.”

Big Game Hunting in Quebec

Quebec hunting tips and regulations

Hunters who want to hunt in Quebec will get to know about the bagging rules and transportation. How to export and register bagged and big games animals. What to be aware of or do if, in any way, you make an accidental kill. You must know whether it is legal to shoot rifles on the public roads. The hunter also has to get to know the type of vehicles used in this area. There are a lot of rules that anyone who is hunting in Quebec for the first time needs to know including whether hunting with a dog is allowed or not. You think this is funny or strange?  No, it is not! The Quebec government is trying to make Quebec so that everyone can fit in comfortably including the wildlife reserve.

Anyone that wishes to hunt in Quebec will have to obtain the Quebec hunting license which is mandatory. And whenever hunters are going hunting, their hunting license should always be with them. Although, some treatments apply to those hunters who have a family hunting license. This hunting license is given to any Quebec or generally Canadian resident who has acquired hunting certificate.

All residents of Quebec and of Canada in general who wish to become a hunter will have to go through hunting school and get a hunting certificate not minding the kind of weapon of choice that he or she is using or going to use. For example, I use Ruger 10/22 with 22LR cartridges and the best 22 scope made by Barska. In Quebec, the hunting course is offered in the French language. So, you might want to get the hunting certificate in your local area and then upon arriving in Quebec, obtain the Quebec hunting license.

You might be intrigued that Quebec generally has twenty-nine districts of which twenty-eight are hunting areas. What a large acre of land to hunt in. There is also a crucial issue about hunting grounds. Each zone in Quebec has its requirements when talking about the properties and grounds that hunters can explore. It also has a regulation on the types of animal species living there. The ones to be hunted and the ones that are not allowed to hunt upon. Also, there are regulations about the seasons that hunters are authorized to hunt and the bag limits.

Big game hunting in Quebec

In Quebec, big game hunting is a hobby or an outdoor that many enjoy. There are a lot of big games such as Moose, Elk, black bears and many others.

Moose hunting in Quebec

This is a huge game animal that is commonly found in the Quebec regions. A moose can have the total length of two hundred to two hundred and ninety centimeters. It has a shoulder length of one sixty-nine to one hundred and ninety-two. And weighs about three hundred and twenty-nine to six hundred and thirty-five kilograms for the males. The females weigh from two hundred and twenty-seven to four hundred and eight kilograms. What do you think about such a monster? Do you think that it might be very comfortable for one person to embark on such a big game hunting all alone? I do not believe so. This is the reason the government and wildlife resource control do everything within their range to enlighten hunters who wish to embark hunting and also equip them with the necessary information through hunting education and licensing. Serious precautions should be taken when starting on big game hunting in Quebec.

Black bear hunting in Quebec 

If you ever think of hunting a bear, you better re-think or choose the best bear hunters and experienced person that has been in the game for a very long time. (Bear Hunter Veterans). With such hunters, you are guaranteed with a reasonable amount of safety. Bears are known to be the largest carnivorous animal on the surface of the earth, and they are as clever as humans with great heights when in standing position, and weights.  A black bear might be known to have the total length of one hundred and thirty-seven to one hundred and eighty-eight. With a shoulder height of about sixty-five to ninety-one. Weighs about one hundred and fifteen to two hundred and seventy kilograms for the males, and the females about ninety-two to about one hundred and forty kilograms.

Big game hunting in Quebec is a dream for many young hunters. Quebec has a highly recognized and very attractive wildlife resources. The most important thing is to always make sure that you follow and abide by the laws that protect private properties and wildlife resources.


IRobot Braava 380t Mopping Robot – Robotic Mop

Keeping your floors gleaming bright is no more a headache with the iRobot Braava 380t moping robot around. This automatic vacuum works on Northstar Navigation which is more like an indoor GPS which goes on cleaning your floors till the job is done. It keeps track, and directs the unit on spots which have been done, and where it needs to go. (Read full review on

There are two modes to choose from for the unique needs of your floors- dry sweeping and damp mopping modes. Not only does Braava work well on all types of floors, it’s low profile of just 3.1” helps it easily reach under furniture, kickboards and bed.

Unlike most other carpet sweepers, the Braava is a machine which easily, effortlessly and noisily carries out its chores. You are assured performs its everyday sweeping duties without any disruptions to your sleep or everyday routine.

Smart NorthStar Navigation cube

Braava works on NorthStar Navigation system which is a sort of an indoor GPS unit which helps the robotic vacuum keep track of the areas it has cleaned and other areas it has yet to clean.

It emits a signal which the automatic vacuum uses to both determine its location and to create a map of the area. In doing so, it maps all the walls, obstacles and drop-offs as they are encountered. (Source)

Anyone can use

The iRobot Braava 380t is easy enough for anyone to use. All you have to do is attach a cloth, choose your desired mode and the unit immediately gets to work. You needn’t go looking for the robot once it’s done with its chores as it returns to wherever it had started from and recharges itself on its Turbo Charge Cradle once it’s done.

Cleans all floor surfaces

The Braava is adept enough to keep all types of floors sparkling clean like hardwood, vinyl, tile, laminate and much more. All you need to do is choose between dry sweeping and damp mopping and it starts working!

It uses disposable or microfiber dry or damp cleaning cloths to mop hard-surface floors and automatically pick up all the dirt, dust and hair to keep your home spic and span.

Turbo Charge Cradle

The iRobot Braava conveniently recharges itself on the Turbo Charge Cradle once its battery goes low. All it needs is 2 hours for its battery to get recharged.

Different modes 

The Braava offers 2 modes to choose from- dry sweep and damp mop modes. In case of dry sweeping mode, the unit moves back and forth in straight lines  and picks up hair, dirt and dust in the process.

In case of damp mop mode, the unit uses a special back-and-forth motion to pull out the deeply embedded dirt and grime from floors. The damp mode works on its Pro-Clean system which has a reservoir cleaning Pad which dispenses liquid it’s cycle to dampen the cloth.

Cleaning pads

Braava uses magnetic pads which can be removed and attached from its bottom to easily attach and remove your cleaning cloth. The Pro-Clean Reservoir Pad is used for damp mopping while the Multi-Purpose Cleaning Pad is used for dry sweeping with disposable cloths.

The iRobot uses two types of reusable or disposable microfiber cloths- there is a white one for dry sweeping while the blue damp cloth is for mopping. While the reusable cloths can be rewashed and reused hundreds of times, disposable cloths including Swiffer brand cloths can be used and thrown after use.


  • Small and light with a low-profile to easily clean under furniture, beds and closets
  • Turbo Charge Cradle charges the battery within 2 hours
  • NorthStar Navigation Cube works like an indoor GPS for the robot vacuum cleaner
  • Magnetic pads can be attached and removed as needed
  • Uses two types of microfiber cloths-reusable and disposable
  • Two cleaning modes to choose from
  • Can be easily used by anyone
  • Can be used for keeping all floors gleaming bright


  • Dry mop doesn’t work with enough pressure
  • Software needs upgrading as the robot vac turns in circles backwards if it hits a wall
  • No rear sensors so the automatic vacuum cannot detect hitting walls from the rear side
  • Does not do a good job with edges and corners


Hoover Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Carpet and Hard Floor Deep Cleaner

Hoover Max Extract 77

The Hoover Max Extract Multi-Surface Carpet cleaner does just what its name suggests, clean wood and tiled floors, upholstery and carpets. While its CleanSurge cleans stubborn spots and all heavy-traffic areas by dispelling extra detergent, its pressurized water cleaning spray loosens and lifts dirt and stains.

Cleaning time is reduced through its forced heated air technology and MaxExtract Nozzle which extracts more dirty water.

Spinscrub technology

Its Spinscrub technology surrounds carpet fibers with its 77 counter rotating brushes to remove dirt at all angles to give a thorough cleaning.


  • Three SpinScrub setting options- Spill Pickup, Power Scrub and Gentle Scrub modes.
  • Smart Tanks System offers separate tanks with clean and dirty water which are easily filled, emptied and rinsed.
  • Atutorinse feature washes carpet with detergent on forward stroke and rinses with fresh water on the backward stroke


  • Too loud while cleaning hard floors; some customers had to wear ear plugs
  • Uses more detergent than expected
  • There is leakage on the water side of the tank wherein detergent may enter the water when in use

How to choose the best steam mop

Best steam mop

Steam mops, also known as steam cleaners, are powerful machines that resemble vacuum cleaners that heat up water to produce vapor at high pressure to clean surfaces, Steam moping is more effective than traditional floor moping for a variety of reasons‘ All surfaces are porous and these pores embed dirt.

The steam can penetrate deep into the pores and expel the tiniest of dirt particles resulting in superior cleanliness, Steam moping Is also super convenient: no dirty water or a mop is required. It has also been proven to kill upto 99% of disease causing pathogens through the continuous channeling of steam on a surface for up to 15seconds.

The market is saturated with hundreds of steam mops on sale but very few are easy to use and leave a great finish on your floor and other surfaces. Here are five factors to consider before parting with your hard earned cash.

The type of material/surface you need to clean

Not all steam mops are created equal. Steam mops are differentiated by the type of materials they are deSigned to clean. There are basically five types of steam cleaners: upright steam cleaners, hand held surface cleaners. hard-floor steam cleaners. wet/dry hand vacuums and fabric steamers. Upright cleaners are effective on hard floors and carpets; wet/dry hand vacuums resemble upright cleaners with the exception they can be used to reach pocketed areas with ease egg. in car interiors; hand held cleaners are best suited for ovens, counter tops and bathtubs; hard floor steam cleaners are best for cleaning tiles and other hardwood floors while fabric cleaners are designed to remove wrinkles and dirt from fabrics such as suits, draperies and sofas. Choose wisely depending on your cleaning needs.

Size and weight Steam mop size

If you own a large home go for a cleaner With a larger tank for convenience and a cord that is long enough to clean multiple rooms without unplugging. A cleaner With a large tank Will also have a larger mop surface which makes it easier to clean larger surfaces with ease. If you’re going to use a heavy cleaner. ensure it also has a a decent handle to make carting the cleaner around the house effortless.


With steam cleaners, the more the accessories present the better. In most cases, the models with the most accessories clean better are more cost-effective. Keep a look out for a squeegee, cleaning pads, an upholstery tool, a carpet glider or a scrubbing pad, Similarly, choose models that come with a wide variety of detachments. These eliminate the need for purchasing different types of steam mops for versatile cleaning.

Steam up time

Look for cleaners that take no more than 7 minutes to heat up. Some steamers can take up to 15 minutes for the steam ready light to go on! In today’s fast paced world, this is too long especially if you have multiple rooms to clean.

Steam pressure

Look for steam cleaners with consistent steam pressure. It‘s common for users to mistake a higher pressure to mean a better steam quality. This is not always the case. To be safe, choose a cleaner with a pressure gauge to ensure the pressure produced is always steady as this leads to the conSIstent production of steam and higher levels of cleanliness.

Other factors to consider in your search include the durability of the cleaner, the price and warranty being offered, the safety features incorporated and the steam temperature. Regardless of your decision, you will inevitably save money in the long run and enjoy the numerous health benefits associated wtth using a steam mop.