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Mary Hamer travels widely and has lectured in many countries. Her work has appeared in the Economist, the Guardian and the Independent. She has contributed to television and radio programmes, such as In Search of Cleopatra, Women’s Hour and Night Waves.

Kipling and Trix is her fifth book and first novel.

Mary began her career in the university, teaching at Cambridge for twenty years, but soon found that research was her real passion. She began to explore, inspired by the search for knowledge that was hidden or had fallen out of sight, for knowledge about the world that had been buried. Click here to read more..

Winner of the Virginia Prize For Fiction 2011

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"Although based closely on historical fact, Kipling and Trix is a tour-de-force of imaginative fiction as well as a lyrically written, if often harrowing, tale of surprising passion."

- Huffington Post

'Hamer's book opens up the complex world of the Kiplings, moving between continents and momentous world events.' - MailOnline