Mary Hamer
To book festival appearances, talks to book groups and others, email Mary on:

kiplingandtrix  @  gmail  .  com 

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What I talk about

Mary is a widely experienced speaker. She’s talked to classes of 10 year olds in Northamptonshire , to teenagers in Delhi and in Chipping Camden, and given talks to reading groups and festival audiences in the UK: she’s given keynotes at conferences and appeared on Woman’s Hour to be interviewed about Trix Kipling. In April 2016 she will be giving a reading from Kipling & Trix in the old ViceRegal Lodge at Simla,

Topics for events include

Losing India: Ruddy and Trix come to Southsea aged five and three.

The Jungle Book and what it meant to the man who wrote it.

Josephine Kipling: the ‘little maiden’ who died aged six

How can a novel about Kipling be true??

Writing Kipling & Trix

The story of Trix Kipling: aka Mrs Holland, the famous medium.

Psychological damage and its link with creativity

 A review of Kipling & Trix can be found  at