Guest mail: tips for engineering students

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Here I am, the senior in chemical engineering, working on what seems every hour of every day to the degree and the future. Well, it just so happens that all these years spent at school did not leave me without any idea of how I could do better, and what I think is right. This semester I keep thinking about things that I think engineering students could (or should) find valuable. So, here it is, my list of boards for engineering students!

First of all, pick an interesting major! Among the things I find common with so many first-class engineering, is that they have no idea what they want to do with their education. The end result is either to remain in a field that they do not like at all, or to abandon the engineering business at all. Both of these things can be easily avoided by simply taking up time to learn more about various areas of engineering. This may take some time and effort, but as the first freshman who really wants to be an engineer, your field is the most important choice you make during school. Choose the field of engineering that sounds fun with you!

Bring an active interest in learning. In order to be successful in engineering, you will have to take responsibility for teaching material for yourself. There will be classes where you will almost literally teach yourself to everything. Some students simply do not learn from some of the professors; successful in this group take it and learn more difficult or get a tutor for this class. In order to get a lot of engineering program, you will have to do more than just show to lecture and copy notes off the board. Here’s my three-level plan of success outside the classroom:

If you think the class is enough for you or not, go talk to the professor. Many professors have office hours, most of them answer emails, and they all come to class. This means that there are lots of opportunities to talk to your professor and answer all your questions about the material. Most professors love to get acquainted with their students, and they do enjoy the diving in lectures at a deeper and more personal level. However, there are some important things to consider when speaking to the professor. Whatever the reason, wherever she goes, don’t go in and talk to the bad professor. You’re not likely to know anything from them, and they’re probably not gonna be so happy to talk to you. Always be positive and impatient when you’re going to ask questions, and be sure when you’re there to be concerned. The arrogance about the subject will not deliver you anywhere. Remember, they teach this topic in college, you’re the one who should learn from them. Always be modest when you speak to your professor, as they have some control over your future …

Keep your books. If there’s one thing I learned during the internship, it’s that you should keep your engineering books all the time. There will be a moment in the future class, internship, or work that you really want to refer to in one of your schoolbooks. This is an engineering business, these books are worth more than just passing through the class. Much of this information cannot be found on the Internet. As an engineering intern, I used my own books and books, which my manager kept from college almost every day. You can get some money by selling your books or save money, renting, but these are not the routes I offer. Buy your books, use them well, irritate them and keep them!

Work on your résumé. Your résumé is a reflection of you as a professional. Make sure that it looks good and includes only the relevant information. It is important to use as many resources as possible to make your résumé the best. You are going to participate in clubs, activities and anything else that can be seen as a leadership experience during your college career to help you upgrade your professional profile as a student leader. Get an internship or a cop in the fields you’re interested in as soon as you can. Practical experience in the field of education is, in fact, a prerequisite for full employment in many companies. If you want companies to take you seriously, you have to take it seriously. Everything you do during your student’s career in engineering should lead you to full employment with the company of your choice. The decisions you make today affect the outcome of tomorrow …

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