Mary Hamer

Mary Hamer travels widely and has lectured in many countries. Her work has appeared in the Economist, the Guardian and the Independent. She has contributed to television and radio programmes, such as In Search of Cleopatra, Women’s Hour and Night Waves.

Kipling and Trix is her fifth book and first novel.

Mary began her career in the university, teaching at Cambridge for twenty years, but soon found that research was her real passion. She began to explore, inspired by the search for knowledge that was hidden or had fallen out of sight, for knowledge about the world that had been buried.

Winner of the Virginia Prize For Fiction 2011
“Although based closely on historical fact, Kipling and Trix is a tour-de-force of imaginative fiction as well as a lyrically written, if often harrowing, tale of surprising passion.”

‘Hamer’s book opens up the complex world of the Kiplings, moving between continents and momentous world events.’
‘Hamer’s book opens up the complex world of the Kiplings, moving between continents and momentous world events.’

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How to choose the best steam mop

Steam mops, also known as steam cleaners, are powerful machines that resemble vacuum cleaners that heat up water to produce vapor at high pressure to clean surfaces, Steam moping is more effective than traditional floor moping for a variety of reasons‘ All surfaces are porous and these pores embed dirt.

The steam can penetrate deep into the pores and expel the tiniest of dirt particles resulting in superior cleanliness, Steam moping Is also super convenient: no dirty water or a mop is required. It has also been proven to kill upto 99% of disease causing pathogens through the continuous channeling of steam on a surface for up to 15seconds.

The market is saturated with hundreds of steam mops on sale but very few are easy to use and leave a great finish on your floor and other surfaces. Here are five factors to consider before parting with your hard earned cash.

The type of material/surface you need to clean

Not all steam mops are created equal. Steam mops are differentiated by the type of materials they are deSigned to clean. There are basically five types of steam cleaners: upright steam cleaners, hand held surface cleaners. hard-floor steam cleaners. wet/dry hand vacuums and fabric steamers. Upright cleaners are effective on hard floors and carpets; wet/dry hand vacuums resemble upright cleaners with the exception they can be used to reach pocketed areas with ease egg. in car interiors; hand held cleaners are best suited for ovens, counter tops and bathtubs; hard floor steam cleaners are best for cleaning tiles and other hardwood floors while fabric cleaners are designed to remove wrinkles and dirt from fabrics such as suits, draperies and sofas. Choose wisely depending on your cleaning needs.

Size and weight

If you own a large home go for a cleaner With a larger tank for convenience and a cord that is long enough to clean multiple rooms without unplugging. A cleaner With a large tank Will also have a larger mop surface which makes it easier to clean larger surfaces with ease. If you’re going to use a heavy cleaner. ensure it also has a a decent handle to make carting the cleaner around the house effortless.


With steam cleaners, the more the accessories present the better. In most cases, the models with the most accessories clean better are more cost-effective. Keep a look out for a squeegee, cleaning pads, an upholstery tool, a carpet glider or a scrubbing pad, Similarly, choose models that come with a wide variety of detachments. These eliminate the need for purchasing different types of steam mops for versatile cleaning.

Steam up time

Look for cleaners that take no more than 7 minutes to heat up. Some steamers can take up to 15 minutes for the steam ready light to go on! In today’s fast paced world, this is too long especially if you have multiple rooms to clean.

Steam pressure

Look for steam cleaners with consistent steam pressure. It‘s common for users to mistake a higher pressure to mean a better steam quality. This is not always the case. To be safe, choose a cleaner with a pressure gauge to ensure the pressure produced is always steady as this leads to the conSIstent production of steam and higher levels of cleanliness.

Other factors to consider in your search include the durability of the cleaner, the price and warranty being offered, the safety features incorporated and the steam temperature. Regardless of your decision, you will inevitably save money in the long run and enjoy the numerous health benefits associated wtth using a steam mop.

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