Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

‘Mary Hamer’s Julius Caesar provides a stimulating and original reading . . . It avoids the rhetoric of the academy but introduces ways of thinking about the play which are informed by psychoanalytic and feminist  thought and should give it a fresh significance for undergraduates.’   The Year’s Work in English Studies.

writing by numbersWriting By Numbers: Trollope's Serial Fiction

'illuminating new study . . .Mary Hamer is an ideal interpreter of Trollope. She understands and likes him. She writes clearly, pleasantly and with a blessed absence of jargon.' Times Literary Supplement.

signs of cleopatra

Signs of Cleopatra

'Mary Hamer has written a fascinating study of politics and desire, authority and sexuality . . .she studies the cultural interests Cleopatra's image has served, from the prohibition of incest to the institution of coinage, from Newton's optics to women's suffrage, from the guillotine to the obelisk, and from Plutarch to Cecil B. de Mille.' - Barbara Johnson, Harvard University