Yoga: ctrl + f5 for your body and mind

Last Update 18 July 2011 G.

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“I’m not flexible enough.” “I don’t have time.” “It does nothing.”

It’s the same excuse I always hear when I tell people to try yoga. Only the thought of ancient practice turned images of yoga into inconvenient, excruciating, clerical position, and it is not very important for people to be immediately turned off. That most people don’t know is that you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga – you just have to be ready to try.

I’ve practiced yoga for almost seven years, and it seems like there’s a huge misconception about what it really is. Yoga isn’t just a strange form. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever twisting my body in a particularly bizarre form, but if you’re curious, there are some.

There’s so many different types and methods of yoga, which is easy to get confused. No one is “right” or “wrong” way; every teacher, class and website show you something else and argue that it is “the best”. I’m on my own.

Yoga is not something that can help you lose ten pounds a week or tame your hands after two sessions. It is important to remember that this is a gradual process that emphasizes slow stretching and control, which means that you will not see the actual physical results. If something hurts, you don’t have to keep going. Try the things until you find something that makes you feel good-and lay off enough time to continue it on a regular basis, so that in a few weeks or months you will actually see the effects ..

Yoga works slow and requires regularity, so it is important to have time for this in your everyday routine. Whether it is 15 minutes of deep breath, as soon as you wake up, or a full hour of stretching and relaxation before bed, your routine will only be effective with the assistant. I personally find my losses rather hastily, and I like that my yoga will last for at least half an hour, so I try to fit into my routine every night before bed …

Think about how much time you’ve lost every day. Yeah, I’m talking about how you didn’ t have to talk to that 10-minute girl in the hallway, and how you didn’ t have to get your profile on Facebook for half an hour (it doesn’t help your situation), and how you definitely didn’ t have to spend an hour talking about your essay (you’re not getting close). In fact, relaxation, which is only a few minutes of yoga, can help you clarify the situation by the end of the day, so you are likely to get your things …

In addition to various positions that increase flexibility and balance, yoga also includes methods of breathing and meditation, which help reduce stress and improve concentration. The key to successful yoga is 100%. If you focus your opinion on the preparation of your body, you will feel better all day in your body and mind. Not surprisingly, this practice has existed for centuries and has been valuable by experts so many different fields ..

Whether you’re an all-star athlete or a regular divan, nothing prevents you from trying something that needs to improve your day. Not flexible? Trust me, you don’t become more flexible, just sitting there reading this article. No time? Seriously, count 15 less than a minute every day online, watch TV or sit, do nothing. Don’t you? Nothing’s worth it until you try …

So go and press Ctrl + F5 in your life. Breathe in, breathe and refresh your body and your mind. It doesn’t hurt to try, right?

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